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HIDBEA is here to bring quality and comfort into your private home,one-way window privacy film with different colors, provide multiple choices for you.
To enjoy the sunlight while not allowing others to see through inside,the window tint film provides daytime privacy to youx house or office and improves the appearance of your window screen by adding a designer look.
Meanwhile our DIY static film with excellent heat insulation effect so as to energy efficient, block UV rays without blocking light.House heat control film makes life much more wonderful!


Comaca is founded in 2013,a medium-sized exporting company located in metropolis of Beijing,China.

We are dedicated to providing the utmost professional service to our customers.

We have very deep understanding that only relying on great quality of our products and services will enable us to survive in this highly competitive marketplace,like Amazon.com itself.

With rigorous quality control,which is regarded as the prerequisite to start a healthy business relationship with our business partners globally,we always prioritize quality as our first principle to run business.

We are looking forward to recruiting more global partners to our distribution family. You are welcome to contact us for business opportunities anytime.

Was skeptical I must admit, I have used different products that promise to help with hot surfaces by reflecting the light, this product held up to the promise. I have a steel door that has a glass storm door in front of it, that got so hot in our summers here in the south that it would burn you on a hot summer day when you touched the door knob alone. I installed this HIDBEA film on it in the morning and when the hot 98 degree sun hit it in the afternoon the inner steel door was only slightly warm. WOW !!!
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