As a leading Privacy Window Film manufacturer & Supplier in the industry. HIDBEA only adopts the beat materials present now on producing the durable and stylish window films that strictly complies to the customers's needs and global standards.








HIDBEA Decorative Window Films Advantages

HIDBEA® static cling window film is a patented window product that provides daytime privacy and advanced protection against ultraviolet, infrared, typhoon and unwanted glare.

Enhance Interior Design

Completely change the appearance of your place, without any money spent on renovation. HIDBEA decorative window films come in quantities of excellent styles, colors, and textures, transforming any flat glass surface into a creative and aesthetic work. Not only can it increase the aesthetics and appearance of your place, but also it can protect the privacy perfectly.

Increase Privacy and Security

HIDBEA decorative window films offer Glass offices and conference rooms in high traffic areas full privacy with sacrificing any natural light or close off your space. Decorative films are really helpful in meeting rooms, building lobbies, and more, allowing these places to keep private.

decorative window films

Easy Application and Removal

Decorative window films are free of glue design, which allows businesses and offices to apply and remove them and can also be rolled up when removed and stored for later use. It’s a cost-effective way to allows businesses and offices to change their look or branding as needed without worrying about any glue left.

UV Rays Cut and Eco-friendly

Decorative window films offer a layer of protection against UV rays, protecting your skin from sun exposure damage and preventing furniture fading. Decorative window films can also reduce up to 70%-80% heat in summer and keep the cold out in winter. In turn they help reduce power consumption and save energy.

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Why Choose HIDBEA Decorative Window Film Manufacturer

As the most reliable and most preferable windows film company among customers in the world. All collection products are certificated by the REACH, SGS and BSCI, ISO9001, ISO14000. The HIDBEA® window film plant is built in 2010, located in Tianjin, China. We tightly control over the highest quality of the products from beginning to end. We set a higher standard for improve the window film performance continuously,ultimately, be the best window film manufacturer all over the world to create a better life for more people.

Customer Support

We have 24/7 online customer support team.Englsih, Japanese ,Korean and Chinese are available.

Service Coverage

As a global company , we cover different country and regions from US, Europe,Asia and more.


HIDBEA Window Film Manufacturer&Supplier has over 11 years of field esxpertise and experience.

Cost Saver

Our company innovates to both the custom and conventional demands creating cost saving soultion.


HIDBEA® window film offers 18 months warranty on all items ordered by our website.

Our Happy Clients

HIDBEA runs a top-notch window film business. We have never work with a window film supplier this talented before. We were able to give a very specific description of what we wanted and our expect exceeded. We could think the static cling window film which will help our customers for a better life. We will definitely refer HIDBEA to them, if our customer needs OMD window film to decorate their place.

Michael Smith

CEO, Unicorn Corporate

Our Happy Client

It is definitely prettier. We love the shimmer of colors that show especially in the artificial light from inside for our office glass. Our estates are located in a pretty busy street. In the past, Our customers used curtains for privacy, but most of them didn’t like that they blocked out the natural light. Then we bought the largest size available for our tenants who want to protect privacy without damaging the natural light.

Our Happy Client

Yusuke Yamoto

Dirtector,Mitsumori Corporate

I can’t state enough how impressed we are with this window treatment. First, the colors are incredibly vibrant and although we love the other styles. The window film was a little thinner and much easier to work with. There is no challenge in getting air bubbles out during installation and repositioning is forgiving. We will definitely use this for the all of our company windows.

Our Happy Client

Hyunsoo Kim

CEO, Soonoo Corporate

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