How to install static cling window film

Recommended Tools:

  • A tape measure
  • A marker to note where to cut
  • A straight edge ruler
  • A utility knife or a scissor
  • A squeegee or a hard cardboard
  • Some lint-free cleaning cloth
  • Most importantly, soap water solution ( the formula is 7 drops of detergent diluted with 24 ounces water)


  1. Keep the window and film extremely wet during installation process. If it becomes dry, re-wet it completely before applying film.
  2. To avoid making scratches, you can use the cloth as a cushion between the squeegee and the film.
  3. Handle the film carefully while installing to avoid wrinkles or creases, which can’t be removed.
  4. Larger windows (3-4 feet wide) usually are best filmed by two people working together to remove the liner, install, and trim the film.
  5. Apply film anytime other than in direct sunlight (film may stick too quickly) or freezing weather (film will not stick at all). Best temperature is 45-90 degrees F. Best time is early morning or late evening, when the glass is cooler.


Installation steps:

1. Clean windows

This step is important, the cleaner the glass, the better the final appearance of the applied film.

First use a scraper to remove any stubborn stain from the entire window surface. As you go, pay close attention to corners.

Wet window again and use a rubber squeegee to get it totally clean. Next wipe the window surface and edges dry with lint-free cleaning cloth.

2. Measure & Cut

Measure the exact dimensions of your window.

Unroll the film on a clean flat surface, and rest something heavy on one end to hold the film in place while you operate.

Then mark the cuts you need to make, (cut the film one inch larger than window’s size on each side to be sure the film will fit.) use a straight edge ruler to draw your line, and use scissors to carefully cut the film to right size.

3. Remove protective liner

Use two pieces of tape, attach a 1 to 2 inches piece of tape to each side of one corner of the film, press the tape pieces together, then quickly pull apart. With the two corners started you can now peel off the liner completely away from the film. Be careful not to crease the film.

As you carefully peel the liner away, generously spray the soapy water solution onto the back of the film.

4. Place the film on the wet window

Spray the window once more with the solution. Carefully pick up the wet film by the top two corners, and lay the wet side of the film against the wet glass.

Start at the top of the window, then allow the film to gently lay down onto the glass. Use your hands to smooth the film onto the glass. You can slide the film around and position it correctly so long as the window and film are thoroughly wet.

5. Remove bubbles

Uniformly spray the water onto the surface facing you, and firmly squeegee the film from the center to all the four edges. Make sure there is no visible bubble left on the surface.

6. Trim edges of film

Before trimming away the redundant film edges, scrape all edges all over again to make sure the film is steadily clanged, esp. all four corner. Leaving a gap of 1/16 inches between the film and your window frame. (Gap is essential for the proper thermal expansion of the glass and allows you to completely squeegee the water and air from under the film)

7. Seal & Dry

After all edges are completely trimmed, rewet the entire film surface again and repeat center to edges squeegee action to eliminate all the bubbles. Finally wipe the window clean and the film is installed well.

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