17.5 in. x 78 in. Home 3D Decorative Window Film


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3D privacy decorative window films are easily applied to any smooth glass surface. Static cling to the glass, no glue needed, very easy to install, and does not leave any stains when removing the film tint. These colored window film create the look of staining and etched glass. With 24-hour privacy protection. 1 meter away, the effect of protecting privacy can reach more than 95%, give you privacy all day from either side of the glass. These thin films provide privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the room. At the same time. This privacy film blocks strong sunlight and filters harmful UV rays to create an enjoyable interior environment. And this window privacy film can be applied several times, will not discolor over time.


1.This 3D window film is a stylish way to decorative your home, create the look of stained and etched glass, brings unique decoration on your windows.

2.These window film create privacy by limiting the view of onlookers. It is the perfect combination of privacy and decoration.

3.Privacy film provides UV protection and is the perfect decorative accent for windows that require continued privacy.

4.UV window tint designed static cling, easily attach to your window, and it comes off cleanly without residue.

Install Steps:

1. Keep the surface of the glass clean.

2. Measure the exact size of the window and cut the window film to the suitable size.

3. Peel off the protective film ( transparent film ), spray a lot of soapy water both onto window and the back side of the static film.

4. Install the wet side of the static film onto the wet glass, smooth the film with hands.

5. Use the squeegee to remove extra bubbles and water.

6. Trim off the margins, leaving 2-3 mm gap from the edge of the glass to the film.

7. Wipe out the surface water with a lint free towel.

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17.5 inch x 78 inch






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