Air purifier replacement dust collection/deodorization integrated filter fz-d40sf

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★ Corresponding product number: Replacement filter for sharp air purifier Dust collection and deodorization integrated filter [FZ-D40SF] compatible product
★ Applicable models: KC-D40-W, KC-E40-W, KC-F40-W. *Please check the compatible models before ordering.
★Product specifications: Size / height 400mm * width 220mm * depth 37mm; weight / 320g; material / polypropylene, polyester, activated carbon.
★Product features: What can be taken / PM2.5, pollen and allergens (mite dung/death), mold fungi, dust and dust, cigarette smoke (particles), pet hair, cigarette odor, toilet odor, raw Garbage odor, pet odor, etc.
★ Approximate replacement: Approximately 5 years *If you smoke 5 cigarettes a day at an ordinary home. This product is a consumable item, so the replacement period will differ depending on the usage time and installation location. If it is used in a place with a lot of dirty air, the replacement time may be earlier.

Weight 0.39 kg
Dimensions 16.1 × 9.05 × 1.69 in


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