Air Purifier Replacement Pleated Filter Compatible With Daikin ACK75J-W

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★Compatible with Daikin Air Purifier Replacement pleated filter Compatible product number: KAC998A4 (successor to KAC979A4) (7 pieces)
Applicable models: Daikin Air Purifier ACK75J-W, MCK75JY-W, ACM75H-W, ACM75J-W, MC708-W, MC708J3-W, MC708K-W, MC709-W, MC709B-W, MC709J5W, MC709K-W, MC709Y-W, MC75J-W, MC75JBB-W, MC75JJ6-W, MC75JK-W, MC75JKS-W, MC75JY-W, MC808-W, MC808J3-W, MC808K-W, MC809-W, MC809B-W, MC809J5PW, MC809K-W, MC809Y-W, MCA70E3-W, MCA70E4-W, MCA75JE5-W, MCA80E3-W, MCA80E4-W, MCK75J-W, MCK75JBB-W, MCK75JE5-W, MCK75JJ6-W, MCK75JK-W, MCK75JKS- W, ACM75G-W *Please check the compatible models before ordering.
★Size: Width 305mm Horizontal (expansion and contraction accordion type) Material: Non-woven fabric (static) (impregnated with antibacterial/antiviral agent)
★ Product function: Adsorbs bacteria, dust, PM2.5, dust particles and pollen
★Estimated replacement: Approximately 1 year (1 piece) (Please note that the replacement time will vary depending on the usage time and installation location.)

Weight 0.33 kg
Dimensions 12.48 × 4.13 × 2.75 in


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