35 in. x 390 in. Blackout Room Darkening Privacy Window Film


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The definition of HOME is never only limited to house itself. Home is supposed to be the harbor of our privacy. A house without privacy is incomplete.This opaque glass film would be your best choice as it would not only block the UV rays also provide some heat control. As an added bonus they also have provided us with 24 hours privacy.


1. Glue Free: static cling, no need glue when applying, remove without any residue.

2. Two Way Privacy: Provides two way privacy, you can’t see through the window both inside and outside once applied it.

3. Heat Control: Effectively blocks out UV rays and IR rays. Cut off the heat from the outside, and keep the interior cool in summer. Keep your room warm in winter.

4. 100% Light Blocking: Perfect for those that work night shifts and need a dark room to ensure the best sleep quality during the day. Also useful for BABY’s ROOM and Nursery to darken for daytime naps. It will make your room darker than a costly curtain.

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Dimensions 36.6 × 2.8 × 2.8 in

35 inch x 195 inch






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