17.5 in. x 78 in. Frosted Reusable Privacy Window Film


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HIDBEA TRANSLUCENT WINDOW FILM REMOVABLE renovates your living space with the minimum amount of work and cost, creates a style of hazy beauty, which allows the natural lights in whilst protect your privacy. They are completely water proof, easy to be cleaned, and glue-free. They can be repeatedly affixed on and peeled off, leaving no residue after removal.


1. Provide good privacy protection during the day;

2. Designed Non-Adhesive, static cling to the glass;

3. Heat control, widow film can keep cool in summer and retain heat in winter;

4. Blocking out most of the uv rays, protect your skin and furniture;

5. Upgraded frosted effect,no glue static cling.

Install Steps:

1. Keep the surface of the glass clean.

2. Measure the exact size of the window and cut the window film to the suitable size.

3. Peel off the protective film ( transparent film ), spray a lot of soapy water both onto window and the back side of the static film.

4. Install the wet side of the static film onto the wet glass, smooth the film with hands.

5. Use the squeegee to remove extra bubbles and water.

6. Trim off the margins, leaving 2-3 mm gap from the edge of the glass to the film.

7. Wipe out the surface water with a lint free towel.

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Dimensions 44.5 × 3.6 × 3.6 in

17.5 inch x 78 inch






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