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No more curtain, keep privacy while enjoy natural light


Add a lot of sophistication for your plain window glass


Provide yourself a leisure and private environment

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Featured Privacy Window Film

Heat & UV Blocking

The heat control window films can block heat and  reject up to 92% of UV rays coming through your windows. Keep you cool and protect your skin from aging.

Glare Reducing

Glare reducing films are great in rooms where you're using computers or have a TV that needs anti-glare. And allow you to see out better in sunny conditions.

Static Cling Application

Static cling window films installing was a breeze with no sticky gluey mess.  And it can be removed with no sticky residue on the glass. You can do it perfectly by yourself.  


I am very happy with the amount of natural light it still lets in. It’s doesn’t make the room looks like a cave.
It was easy to put up by myself. Would definitely recommend this for windows that get a lot of sun!


I love that these keep out the heat and prevent others from seeing in during the day. A small perk I realized after I applied this tint is that I can now watch the birds on my balcony without scaring them off! And the tint is very easy to apply.


This was much easier to install than I expected. The film works great during the day time with the mirror effect from outside looking in. It's kinda like adding sunglasses to the windows, Love this produce and I would highly recommend it!


I like the way it looks and it provides the perfect coverage while still allow lights in, which is very important to me. Definitely do exactly as the instruction says. It's the best way to do it. Any other ways (which i tried) wouldn't provide good results.


This window film looks amazing in day or night. I bought this to cover a small window. I love the colored sheen it gives and how if the light catches it differently, the rainbow effect is different. Beautiful way to add some privacy while still letting in as much light as possible!

Michelle C.

I love this window film! It's a bit tricky to apply, so don't do it in a hurry. The process is easy, however you're going to want to lay it flat and let it "relax" to a flat state before cutting and adhering to the window. Overall it's exactly what I had hoped for, arrived quickly, and looks amazing!

Ashley F.

Super easy to apply. It is thicker and softer than traditional "tint" films, but does truly darken a room. There is a bit of translucence - you will be able to see that there is light outside, but this is the only film I've ever found that qualifies as blackout. Highly recommend.


I bought this because I have a huge issue with blinds being in a bathroom shower. I used painters tape and a sharp razor blade to help me measure and cut because I have a metal bar that runs across each window. Overall this was very easy to install and the bubbles push out nicely.


Wide Application

HIDBEA Window Film can be used on smooth and clean glass surfaces in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, sliding door, office, etc.

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